About Me

As a life long SW Florida resident, I have always enjoyed being on the water.  I started at the Edison Sailing Center in 1986 at the age of 7 with their summer program. As I continued in their program,  I got the opportunity to travel around the state competing in regattas thru my high school years and beyond. During that time,  I was actively involved in teaching the summer sailing and power boat classes to the younger members.

I have had the amazing opportunity to take multiple sailing and power boat trips to the Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys, and Bahamas. 

I'm also an active scuba diver, fisherman, and spear fisherman.  I have always wanted to return to my second love (my first being my wife and children) of teaching sailing and other boating activities.   I look forward to the next chapter and showing individuals how to be safe and help them find their passion for the water.